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Annahid is CEO and co-founder of Anima Leadership, a global-reaching socially innovative company that has been revolutionizing JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) work in organizations and communities since 2006. Over the last twenty-five years Annahid has inspired, educated and coached thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations toward deeper experiences of belonging.

With a Masters in Adult Education and undergraduate degree in psychology, as well as additional certifications in Process Work conflict facilitation, Somatic experiencing trauma training, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she brings a deeply inside-outside approach to cultivating systemic shifts. She started out as a political activist organizing national campaigns but now focuses on change one conversation, one compelling story at a time. Believing that diverse voices are the underpinning of our democracy, she is a frequent literary jurist and sits on National Council for The Writer’s Union of Canada

Alongside writing for various publications, she’s author of the best-selling books Breaking the Ocean which Ms. Magazine prophesied “may change you” and Bones of Belonging: Finding Wholeness in a White World. A leading voice on race, equity, leadership and cultire change, she also hosts the podcast Soundwaves of Belonging, featuring intimate and irreverent conversations with fellow bridge-builders. Having grown up in three different countries—Iran, England and Canada—on three different continents, Annahid is a citizen of the world, a lover of stories and a truth speaker for a more just future.

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