BIPOC Leader Lab

From Surviving to Thriving

Six-Month-Long Weekly Coaching Lab
Next Cohort Starts January 2024

Applications for 2024 cohort open March 2023

  • Are you tired of continually being underestimated in your leadership role?
  • Do you yearn for the freedom to be “yourself” in your work?
  • Do you want to more easefully guide change within white dominant systems?
  • Do you crave engagement with like-minded peers who understand the challenges you face?

This is a moment in which BIPOC leadership is desperately needed. In order to address urgent issues and transform our systems to survive the twenty-first century we need more diverse viewpoints at the table, yet too often BIPOC leaders are put in the position of stewarding crucial initiatives with inadequate resources, skill training or support.

The BIPOC Leader Lab is a bespoke coaching cohort that leverages the power of collaborative learning to help participants solidify concepts, share strategies and develop practical skills. 

The program is designed to uphold and uplift racialized leaders, in management to executive-level roles, who are looking to be more sustainable and impactful in their work. By integrating group coaching and peer learning principles, the BIPOC Leader Lab supports leaders shepherding change against the current with frameworks, resources, guidance and community so they can stay energized, strategic and effective.

Month One: Being Non-White in a Leadership Role

  • Week 1: You’re Not the Problem
  • Week 2: White Supremacy Culture and You
  • Week 3: It’s All in the Micro
  • Week 4: Peer Group Discussion

Month Two: The Kind of Leader I Am Meant to Be

  • Week 1: Finding Purpose, Inhabiting Power
  • Week 2: Are You in the Right Role?
  • Week 3: Setting Boundaries and Curating Energy
  • Week 4: Peer Group Discussion

Month Three: Navigating Organizational Barriers and Opportunities

  • Week 1: Learning the Ropes of Organizational Planning
  • Week 2: Creating Team Cohesion
  • Week 3: Personal Support Strategies
  • Week 4: Peer Group Discussion

Month Five: Communicating Your Best Self

  • Week 1: Self-Regulation and Managing Triggers
  • Week 2: The Art of Engaging Others
  • Week 3: Feedback and the Brave Conversation
  • Week 4: Peer Group Discussion

Month Five: Noticing Triggers and Inhabiting Authority

  • Week 1: Healing and Dealing with Racial Trauma
  • Week 2: Joy Rituals at Work
  • Week 3: The Conscious Use of Power
  • Week 4: Peer Group Discussion

Month Six: Harnessing the Courage to Lead

  • Harvesting Learning
  • Leadership Next Steps



Dates: Wednesdays, from January 10, 2024 to June 12, 2024 (times TBA) 
Sessions: Weekly virtual coaching and peer learning calls, readings, individual coaching worksheets and group chat (in addition to targeted support materials)
Cost: $5,000 (payable as a single or split payment)


Reserve your spot for the next session! Applications for our 2024 cohort will open in March 2023.

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*This course is limited to those who hold leadership and/ or management positions in their organizations, and is open to Black, Brown, mixed-race and Indigenous folks. We recognize and honour the complexity of intersectional identities.

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