Soundwaves of Belonging

Intimate and irreverent conversations with fellow bridge builders

What does it mean to belong? Join Annahid as she hosts conversations with thought leaders in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion about belonging—to the world around us, to the communities we live in and to one another—in a deeply divided world.

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  • On Body: My Revolution is Brown and Beautiful Annahid Dashtgard with Farzana Doctor, Author and Psychotherapist

    On Body: My Revolution is Brown and Beautiful

    Psychotherapist and critically-acclaimed writer Farzana Doctor joins host Annahid Dashtgard to speak about belonging in bodies rejected by the society, how the body doesn’t lie, and how learning to love our own bodies can be the most revolutionary act.

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  • On Ancestry: Calling In the Calling Out Culture. With Annahid Dashtgard and Loretta J. Ross.

    On Ancestry: Calling in the Calling Out Culture

    Legendary activist, public intellectual, author and recipient of the 2022 MacArthur Foundation “genius” award Loretta J. Ross and Annahid Dashtgard talk the fuzzy line between trauma and activism, calling in vs. calling out and how belonging can only be found in community—the ones we come from or the ones we make.

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  • On Racism: Cheerleading Women of Colour at Work

    Deepa Purushothaman is the author of The First, The Few, The Only: How Women of Color can Redifine Power in Corporate America and the first woman of colour to make partner in the Deloitte’s history. In this episode, we talk race and power in the workplace, growing up brown in small white towns, and why white women are sometimes the biggest barrier to women of colour succeeding at work. 

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  • On Difference: Books, Blackness and Belonging

    Kwame Scott Fraser is a former United Nations peacekeeper and the current President and CEO of Dundurn Press, one of the largest independent publishers in North America publisher of my upcoming book Bones of Belonging. In this episode we talk our common struggles with racial discrimination, why language and stories matter and what’s dangerous about publishing someone like Jordan Peterson.

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