Conversations about Bones of Belonging

Join Annahid Dashtgard and labour educator and author Barb Thomas in the final episode of the Soundwaves of Belonging series. They talk about why the stories in Bones of Belonging are so necessary, and how we can use them to move closer to a future where everyone belongs.

On Loss: Our Collective Love Language

Join Annahid Dashtgard and award-winning performing and recording artist, filmmaker, broadcaster and author Christa Couture for a conversation on grief. They talk about their shared experience with grief, both individual and collective, how grief can open us up to more possibility of grace and gratitude, and how ultimately the way we work through loss can teach us to value life.

On Learning: Swinging the Bat for Justice

Annahid Dashtgard sits down with president and CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays Mark Shapiro to talk about grappling with race as a white leader in a white-dominant sport, and how committed leaders can go beyond “checking a box” with EDI work to creating an open and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

On Power: Literacy, Lessons and Leadership

Join host Annahid Dashtgard and executive coach, leadership consultant and creator of the Diamond Power Index Julie Diamond for a frank conversation on power: what it is, why it matters, and how to use it ethically and effectively no matter your role. 

On Whiteness: Racial Justice and the American Dream

Executive coach and co-founder of Jerry Colonna joins host Annahid Dashtgard for a conversation about our relationships to whiteness from different identities. Listen to our conversation about grappling with racism post-George Floyd, and catch a real moment of micro-reparation in action!

On Healing: Writing and the Art of Forgiveness

Emmy award-winning actor, writer, and LGBTQ2S+ advocate Jo Vannicola joins host Annahid Dashtgard for a conversation about healing: what the practice of forgiveness can release us from, but also the limits of forgiveness. We discuss how systems of abuse thrive on our silences, and how truth-speaking—or finding the story that is ours to tell—can ultimately set us free.

On Change: Lessons from Feminism Past

Legendary Canadian feminist Judy Rebick joins host Annahid Dashtgard for a conversation between two close friends. We spent the episode reflecting on Judy’s remarkable history, the anger and activism (including where anger is helpful and where it’s not), the necessary ability to work across differences to bring about political change and more.

On Reverence: To Bee or Not To Bee

Canadian writer Jenna Butler and host Annahid Dashtgard discuss finding a sense of belonging to the land we inhabit as first generation immigrants AND as settlers on stolen Indigenous territory. We also talk about what bees have to teach us humans, what being mixed-race means in a time where racism is such a charged topic….and the lost power of reverence. 

On Purpose: Learning to Listen to Life

Visionary, leader and “spiritual giant” Parker Palmer joins host Annahid Dashtgard to talk about how to make activism and social change efforts stick. We talk about whether consciousness is housed in the brain or in the field between us, the transformative power of listening, and why learning is a form of liberation.

On Identity: Mixed Race, Memoir and Mental Health

Author Hollay Ghadery joins host Annahid Dashtgard to talk about what it means to grow up mixed race and mixed culture, finding a sense of belonging through creativity and how much our families actually read of what we write. We also touch on the connection between being mixed race and mental health, and whether recovery is really ever possible…or even desirable.

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