On Healing: Writing and the Art of Forgiveness

with Jo Vannicola, Emmy-Award Winning Actor and LGBTQ2S+ Activist

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Jo Vannicola is an Emmy award-winning actor, writer, and advocate. They are the founding chair of the LGBTQ2S+ committee at ACTRA Toronto, and sit on the sexual assault ad-hoc committee for women and gender-diverse people in film and television. Jo is also the author of also just penned an award-winning memoir ⁠All We Knew but Couldn’t Say⁠ describing a lifelong journey growing up in a home with physical violence, sexual abuse and a mother who was a pedophile.  

In this episode, we go deep into what healing is all about: what the practice of forgiveness can release us from, but also the limits of forgiveness. We discuss how systems of abuse thrive on our silences, and how truth-speaking—or finding the story that is ours to tell—can ultimately set us free. 

For more on the theme of healing, read the story “Rebel Body” in my upcoming book ⁠Bones of Belonging⁠ — now available for purchase.

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